Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Testing new beauty products

It’s that wonderful time of year where I start to think about transitioning away from my winter make up. I put down the berry lipstick and purple shades in favour of brighter and softer colours. This is the idea anyway, I still creep back into my witchy make up ways every now and then, even at the height of summer I will rock a bikini and a berry lip. I’ve been out trying a few new beauty bits and I thought it might make something worth reading. I never buy anything without reading a review first and you can at least trust me to be brutally honest.
Also Ruby Rose was in Cosmo this month, I love her so I used her interview in my blog photos. Go read it, she is a different kind of celebrity and actually has some interesting things to say. This is not sponsored by Cosmo I just really like magazines and Ruby Rose and it's only £1 this month. 

Benefit - They’re Real! Double the Lip

You hardly ever see anything in the beauty world that is actually new anymore. It’s mostly just newer versions of the same old. I have to hand it to Benefit for coming up with a product that is very unique and ties in with the ombre lip trend of late last year. I have two of the shades in Flame Game, and Pink Thrills. In case you are not a beauty addict like me and don’t get all the beauty gossip on social media, these lipsticks have a duo coloured stick. The lighter colour on the base, then a darker shade on the tip. The product is teardrop shaped to give you the best chance of lining your lips with the darker colour as you apply the lighter shade all over. A little tip from me is to remember to turn it over to do your bottom lip! The darker shade needs to be on the outside and it’s a nightmare if you forget. Trust me. I’ve been testing them out over the last few weeks and I’ve been left with kind of mixed feelings about them. Both shades are really beautiful and wearable, perfect for brightening up a make up look. The thing is, it’s quite hard work to apply them. I like a lazy make up look and it can be quite fiddly, especially when trying to over-line your lips. The colours do blend into each other but sometimes it looks like you’ve just put one lipstick over another one rather than the ombre shades it claims to make. The other issue I have is that there is no staying power, a few hours and it’s gone, making all the fiddly hard work start again. I will definitely be keeping them for when I'm feeling a little bit more fancy and wanting something different, but for day to day wear it's just not worth it.  

Bourjois – Radiance Reveal Concealer

I only ended up with this concealer because the girl in Boots gave me the wrong product. I’d picked up a sample size of something else and she came back with this and scanned and bagged it before I knew. It was obviously meant to be, because I love this product. It takes a lot to get me to switch from my beloved Collection concealer but this is a great one to work with. It is relatively light coverage but hides my sleep deprived purple eyes well and makes it through a work day which is ultimately the dream. I haven’t seen a lot of shades of these so far, I would recommend to fellow pale girls but can’t speak for anyone with even the slightest tan. I think the packaging over sells its illuminating qualities, it is brightening but looks more like a highlighter when you first pick up the product.

Barry M – Molten Metal Copper

What a typical blogger I am to buy literally anything copper. I have no regrets. I rarely do my nails because they all come of when I’m training but every now and then I like to be pretty and girly and have polished nails. This shade is a little bit shimmery compared to what you would expect of a copper shade but it’s still really pretty and quite different to anything else I have nail polish wise. Like most Barry M nail polishes, it takes a few layers to build this up to a full colour. I kind of want to go back and try the gold shade because I think that might be better for the Spring / Summer season but maybe I’m just coming up with excuses to spend more money on things I don’t need. 

So those are my three new trials of this month. Some winners and some not so amazing products... 

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  1. I have one of the Benefit lipsticks from a Christmas gift set and still haven't tried it out as I thought it might be a bit fiddly. Think I'll just stick with lipliner haha :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx


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