Friday, 21 October 2016

Taking time for me

Busy doesn’t begin to cover it. I know I do it to myself. I live in a cycle of work, friends, family, training, blogging, back to work. It doesn’t end and I kind of love it. The problem is that sometimes it drains me! I’ve been taking on so much recently that it’s left me feeling a bit run down. I could sleep all weekend but I always have weekend plans. It’s really important to me to put my all into everything but sometimes I just crash. I’ve been trying recently to find little things for myself that I can do to keep my head in a good place. It’s hard for me to justify it with myself but its self-care at the end of the day and everyone need a little break sometimes.

Going for a walk

I bloody love running which I know makes some of you like ‘EW’ but I really honestly do. The thing about running though is that its high cardio the whole time. I don't really jog, I just run! When I’m feeling exhausted, running can be a bit crap. I still really enjoy the process of moving forwards and getting somewhere so I’ve started walking in the woods to clear my head. It’s still exercise, but slow and patient exercise. It’s nice to be outside in the cold air surrounded by trees. It gives me time to just think things through and be quiet and by myself.

Reading magazines

A book is kind of a big commitment because books are like Pringles for me. Once I start, I can’t stop. Magazines are like the predecessor for blogs but it’s nice sometimes to turn the pages on something real. Reading blogs also means I’m still looking at a screen connected to the internet and it’s easy to slip back into ‘Getting stuff done’ mode. I really like Cosmopolitan, I don’t agree with all of their articles but they do switch up their content a lot to keep it up to date. I’ve also started reading Blogosphere magazine because it feels like productive procrastinating!

Painting my nails

This is the thing I never have time for but it instantly makes me feel far more put together. I really enjoy it, especially playing with darker colours in the winter.  I’ve started trialing the Rimmel Super Gel polishes. Their Gel topcoat is supposed to make it last longer, I think it does, but my pole and hoop studio is where nail polish goes to die. However, I cannot afford to get them done in shellac every week so I’m going to keep making time for it. Being just a little bit more made up makes me feel ready to take on the day. 

Organising photos

Printed photos make me so happy and, since I got my Instax Mini, I have tons of them. I’ve started a scrapbook for adventure photos that I am slowly filling up. It includes little tickets and things that I’ve saved from our trips. I think eventually it will be the ultimate coffee table book but for now it’s a project. I spend so much time panicking about now and the future that I forget to reflect on all of the amazing things I’ve already done. I would 100% recommend this for anyone that wants to focus on gratitude and self-care. It’s really rewarding to see all of your memories in one place. 

It's okay to do things alone just because you want to. It can be really hard to hold everyone else up sometimes, taking care of me helps me take care of them. Also I hope you enjoyed these photos of me balancing like a fool on a tree!

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