Friday, 21 October 2016

Taking time for me

Busy doesn’t begin to cover it. I know I do it to myself. I live in a cycle of work, friends, family, training, blogging, back to work. It doesn’t end and I kind of love it. The problem is that sometimes it drains me! I’ve been taking on so much recently that it’s left me feeling a bit run down. I could sleep all weekend but I always have weekend plans. It’s really important to me to put my all into everything but sometimes I just crash. I’ve been trying recently to find little things for myself that I can do to keep my head in a good place. It’s hard for me to justify it with myself but its self-care at the end of the day and everyone need a little break sometimes.

Going for a walk

I bloody love running which I know makes some of you like ‘EW’ but I really honestly do. The thing about running though is that its high cardio the whole time. I don't really jog, I just run! When I’m feeling exhausted, running can be a bit crap. I still really enjoy the process of moving forwards and getting somewhere so I’ve started walking in the woods to clear my head. It’s still exercise, but slow and patient exercise. It’s nice to be outside in the cold air surrounded by trees. It gives me time to just think things through and be quiet and by myself.

Reading magazines

A book is kind of a big commitment because books are like Pringles for me. Once I start, I can’t stop. Magazines are like the predecessor for blogs but it’s nice sometimes to turn the pages on something real. Reading blogs also means I’m still looking at a screen connected to the internet and it’s easy to slip back into ‘Getting stuff done’ mode. I really like Cosmopolitan, I don’t agree with all of their articles but they do switch up their content a lot to keep it up to date. I’ve also started reading Blogosphere magazine because it feels like productive procrastinating!

Painting my nails

This is the thing I never have time for but it instantly makes me feel far more put together. I really enjoy it, especially playing with darker colours in the winter.  I’ve started trialing the Rimmel Super Gel polishes. Their Gel topcoat is supposed to make it last longer, I think it does, but my pole and hoop studio is where nail polish goes to die. However, I cannot afford to get them done in shellac every week so I’m going to keep making time for it. Being just a little bit more made up makes me feel ready to take on the day. 

Organising photos

Printed photos make me so happy and, since I got my Instax Mini, I have tons of them. I’ve started a scrapbook for adventure photos that I am slowly filling up. It includes little tickets and things that I’ve saved from our trips. I think eventually it will be the ultimate coffee table book but for now it’s a project. I spend so much time panicking about now and the future that I forget to reflect on all of the amazing things I’ve already done. I would 100% recommend this for anyone that wants to focus on gratitude and self-care. It’s really rewarding to see all of your memories in one place. 

It's okay to do things alone just because you want to. It can be really hard to hold everyone else up sometimes, taking care of me helps me take care of them. Also I hope you enjoyed these photos of me balancing like a fool on a tree!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lush Christmas event

I would love to be a mermaid but I’m a terrible swimmer so the next best thing is spending aaaages in the bath. Lush is a wonderful company that facilitate my excuses to have lots of baths. I’m a huge Lushie, especially for anything remotely gimmicky or holiday themed. I was lucky enough to go along to the blogger event at the Basingstoke store to chat about all of the new lovely festive products. Spoiler alert – I bought stuff! A huge thank you to Kimmey, Katy, Louise and Sophie from the store for talking through all the products and having us at your store. Also thanks to Jenny from South East Blog Circle for setting the whole thing up.

Christmas Soap is a wonderful thing, I will be buying some for my new bathroom because its very hard to make a bathroom festive, but I think this is the way forward. The standout soap at the event was 'Snowcastle'. Elsa could be hiding out somewhere in here! The soap, as a whole, really is a thing of beauty, but also probably pretty unpractical to use. It’s a sweet, marzipan kind of scent with Almond and Rose. Another new one int he soap range is the 'Santa's Postbox' Soap inspired by children posting their letters to Santa. Its made up of orange, bergamot and satsuma juice which makes up a bright, fresh fragrance. 

Some of our festive favourites have returned including one of my all time most loved bubble bars - 'Candy Mountain'. Its sweet vanilla scent is just amazing, and I love anything that is pink and sparkly. Another sweet scented bath treat is the 'Star Dust' bath bomb. Its a striking white star shape smelling of vanilla and rosewood. They kindly let us sample some of the bombs and we spent a fair amount of time watching colours melt and swirl away in the bowls at the store. It was very zen, and my inner yogi was very happy. 

We talked through lots of bath bombs but I was really impressed with the on-a-stick style reusable Bubble Bars that are new for Christmas. You simply stir them around your bath or run them under the tap and then put it away until next time. Back this year is ‘The Magic of Christmas’ which smells exactly like my parent’s house does over the holidays. It shares its scent with the ‘Cinders’ bath bomb and is decorated very traditionally festive including a cinnamon stick. Brand new this season is ‘Santasaurus’, one of my new favourite Lush launches ever. It’s like Godzilla became Santa but smells really good. The scent is the same as the ‘Honey I washed the kids’ and as it contains no actual Honey, it’s completely Vegan. The last wand style Bubble Bar is from the Queen Bee of Lush ‘Snow Fairy’ and it’s her scented ‘Magic Wand’. This should really need no introduction, Snow Fairy is the most raved about Christmas product at Lush and one I will be buying year on year.

Sleepy is product I really regret not purchasing. I never believe in scents that can make you feel tired but I swear I breathed this in and felt instantly relaxed. It’s an all over body lotion to apply before bed full of lavender and oatmeal. I may have to go back and get it because I never sleep well in the changing of seasons and it makes getting up int he dark mornings oh so hard. 

'The Christmas Penguin' is yet another new bubble bar and hits all of the adorableness I desire from Lush Christmas products. Its another citrus scented product which includes lemon oil and orange flower. I do think they should have named him but he will make a lovely gift for lots of penguin fans. 

Snow Fairy is back again in a new form: Fairy Dust Dusting Powder. This magical stuff goes on after you moisturise, leaving your skin matte once again and covered in shimmer. This is one for die hard Snow Fairy fans and those of us who apply too much moisturiser (Guilty!). 

The gift section this year has really stepped up. Lots of the boxed styles look just like traditional Christmas gifts that you would expect to find under the perfect tree. I’m really envious of their wrapping skills, I wish they would all come over and help me come December. They have these adorable tin bears too which I think look great and include 'Butter bear' which is one of my favourites. The 12 days of Christmas set has also returned this year which would make a great advent calendar for anyone not going down the beauty route this year.

Whilst I was at the store I picked up my main squeeze: Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I also went for the Santasaurus Bubble Bar I spoke about above and I bought a little Pip the Penguin gift for my lovely penguin loving friend. The store where kind enough to gift us a few goodies alongside our purchases to test out. I received a little chunk of yellow 'Igloo' soap that smells amazing. Very fruity and sweet. The girls explained that it’s delivered to the store in pieces and then they build it into its namesake within the store. It’s inspired by Turkish Delight which really comes across in both scent and appearance. The bag included four sample sizes including Rose Jam, Lord of Misrule, Bubbly (which smells like prosecco!) shower gels and the new Snow Fairy Body conditioner which I can’t wait to try out. Peeping Santa was also hiding in my bag and is an incredible sweet strawberry scented Bubble Bar. Lastly, I received the ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb which is honey and orange scented. This was the first to go in the bath and it makes a beautiful bright blue, sparkly bath water. 

I could keep writing for pages on all of their amazing products. There were only one or two products in the whole range I wasn't too excited about, so all in all it's a great festive launch. I'm so happy that Snow Fairy is back in my life. What is your favourite Lush product? 

*This post contains gifted samples but all opinions are my own 
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