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Go-to Palettes

Palettes are a bit of a weakness of mine. Even with so many choices around I find myself constantly reaching for the same palettes again and again. Even with Autumn coming, we are still getting that last little bit of summer sun and I find myself picking more colourful looks alongside the everyday basics. Despite the constant churn of the beauty industry to make more eye shadows, my favourite still seem to be the old classics. These are my current go-to palettes I use on a daily basis.

Stila - In the Light

I know this is so 2012 but this palette is so wearable and pretty. I might be stuck in the past but it has shades that you don’t come across with other palettes. The slightly orangey colours are my favourite but the whole thing is wearable with brown and nudes apart from the one very toned down blue shade. Even the liner that comes inside is a winner, it’s not my favourite but if you are out and about it will give you your wings when needed. All round thumbs up from me. Stila have been selling these off pretty cheap as of late too so don’t be afraid to go with an old cult favourite.

Urban Decay - Naked

Urban Decay is like the Prom Queen of palettes. You envy her, you want to be her friend, and she is bloody beautiful. The original Naked palette is the one. If it aint broke don’t fix it right? Almost everyone had this palette but it’s designed to be wearable. The colours come in coordinating sets so you can find a base, crease and highlight in seconds. A quick stroll on Pinterest will show you just how many looks you can get from just this palette alone. I like to pair ‘Toasted’ and ‘Hustle’ together. I’ve also found ‘Sidecar’ to be a really versatile shade to pair with others and ‘Sin’ is a great inner corner highlight.

Too Faced - Chocolate Bar

Too Faced make some of the best quality eyeshadows I’ve ever experienced. They also love a good gimmick and to be honest so do I! I begged my boyfriend to get me the PB&J palette and when it sold out he picked this one instead. I must say I am not a fan of the chocolate scent of the palette, especially when getting ready in the morning, but I can’t fault it in any other way. ‘Black Forest Truffle’ is a really fun colour to play with, but be warned if you aren’t a fan of shimmer shades! ‘Marzipan’ is also so beautiful and brightening, I can’t stop myself. What I really like about this particular palette is the two highlight shades they include. They are great for a quick brow bone sculpt! 

Sleek iDivine - A New Day

Sleek palettes are amazing and at £8 a pop I have a fair few. ‘A New Day’ is my favourite to reach for because there are a few more matte shades. My favourite combo is the two matte Taupe / Purple shades which create colour without it being over the top. I think this is a limited edition palette but they are always bringing out new ones which often contain similar copycat shades.

Kiko Colour Fever - 101

Okay, so not quite a palette but this is my travel make up go-to. It’s the perfect eye look in one. I know some people are put off by red and deep pink eye shades but this mix gives you a look that is more pretty less pink eye. Again its really affordable and such good quality. The packaging itself is really durable, I can vouch for this as it spends its life being thrown in my bag! The colour isn't as pigmented as the others but it is very build-able and allows you to go for a more subtle shade if desired. 

So those are my favourites to reach for. I’d really like to switch things up a bit more this Winter and go for a few edgier looks but something tells me the Naked palette isn’t going anywhere!

I would love some suggestions, what is your favourite go-to palette?

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  1. Ooh you are giving me so much eye shadow palette envy! I am yet to try Stila, The Naked Palette or any Too Faced so I am very jealous haha. I've only had high street palettes! x


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