Saturday, 27 August 2016

Go-to Palettes

Palettes are a bit of a weakness of mine. Even with so many choices around I find myself constantly reaching for the same palettes again and again. Even with Autumn coming, we are still getting that last little bit of summer sun and I find myself picking more colourful looks alongside the everyday basics. Despite the constant churn of the beauty industry to make more eye shadows, my favourite still seem to be the old classics. These are my current go-to palettes I use on a daily basis.

Stila - In the Light

I know this is so 2012 but this palette is so wearable and pretty. I might be stuck in the past but it has shades that you don’t come across with other palettes. The slightly orangey colours are my favourite but the whole thing is wearable with brown and nudes apart from the one very toned down blue shade. Even the liner that comes inside is a winner, it’s not my favourite but if you are out and about it will give you your wings when needed. All round thumbs up from me. Stila have been selling these off pretty cheap as of late too so don’t be afraid to go with an old cult favourite.

Urban Decay - Naked

Urban Decay is like the Prom Queen of palettes. You envy her, you want to be her friend, and she is bloody beautiful. The original Naked palette is the one. If it aint broke don’t fix it right? Almost everyone had this palette but it’s designed to be wearable. The colours come in coordinating sets so you can find a base, crease and highlight in seconds. A quick stroll on Pinterest will show you just how many looks you can get from just this palette alone. I like to pair ‘Toasted’ and ‘Hustle’ together. I’ve also found ‘Sidecar’ to be a really versatile shade to pair with others and ‘Sin’ is a great inner corner highlight.

Too Faced - Chocolate Bar

Too Faced make some of the best quality eyeshadows I’ve ever experienced. They also love a good gimmick and to be honest so do I! I begged my boyfriend to get me the PB&J palette and when it sold out he picked this one instead. I must say I am not a fan of the chocolate scent of the palette, especially when getting ready in the morning, but I can’t fault it in any other way. ‘Black Forest Truffle’ is a really fun colour to play with, but be warned if you aren’t a fan of shimmer shades! ‘Marzipan’ is also so beautiful and brightening, I can’t stop myself. What I really like about this particular palette is the two highlight shades they include. They are great for a quick brow bone sculpt! 

Sleek iDivine - A New Day

Sleek palettes are amazing and at £8 a pop I have a fair few. ‘A New Day’ is my favourite to reach for because there are a few more matte shades. My favourite combo is the two matte Taupe / Purple shades which create colour without it being over the top. I think this is a limited edition palette but they are always bringing out new ones which often contain similar copycat shades.

Kiko Colour Fever - 101

Okay, so not quite a palette but this is my travel make up go-to. It’s the perfect eye look in one. I know some people are put off by red and deep pink eye shades but this mix gives you a look that is more pretty less pink eye. Again its really affordable and such good quality. The packaging itself is really durable, I can vouch for this as it spends its life being thrown in my bag! The colour isn't as pigmented as the others but it is very build-able and allows you to go for a more subtle shade if desired. 

So those are my favourites to reach for. I’d really like to switch things up a bit more this Winter and go for a few edgier looks but something tells me the Naked palette isn’t going anywhere!

I would love some suggestions, what is your favourite go-to palette?

Monday, 15 August 2016

Star Wars made me a Feminist

Let’s rewind to my childhood. Crimping your hair was all the range, everyone had a Tamagotchi and I was just old enough for the second wave of Star Wars fandom to take hold. I remember watching the original films on VCR and going to the cinema to see the prequel trilogy with my parents. Fast forward to now, and the movie franchise I grew up with is becoming popular again. It’s always been my thing to be honest, even back when it was really really uncool. Growing up, I had an R2D2 backpack with legs longer than mine. I put my hair in cinnamon buns. I played lightsabres with my sister. It was a big part of my world and now I can see how it affected me back then. I am probably biased because I love the films (I'll even watch Episode 1) but they forced me to look at being a girl as a good thing.   

We are now in the age where the preconceptions about feminism are changing. It’s stopped being so much of a dirty word. More and more women are understanding that it simply means equality rather than the image of angry hordes of man hating women someone conjured up way back when. I will proudly declare myself as a feminist because I believe that no one should be held back purely because they were born a certain gender. I was raised by strong parents and a Dad that still believes I can do anything. I've got my granny brain on saying that kids these days are raised up in a more relaxed world but honestly, back in the 90’s it never came up that I should be career focused. People still asked me questions about my future husband rather than my aspirations in life. There are lots of reasons I’ve grown up with this mind set but I maintain that Star Wars made me a mini Feminist.

I recognise that I’m placing a lot of importance on what is essentially a film franchise but it had a huge effect on my thought process as a child. I’m sure that there are lots of other strong women on the big screen that have had this effect on younger ladies but Star Wars was my turning point. I'm more than just a fan. Padme, Leia, and most recently Rey, are all strong and independent women who hold their own in their respective films. If you've seen the Rouge One trailer you'll notice it follows the same trend. Star Wars shows women as main characters and counterparts. The women come to the rescue, or come up with the plan or save themselves. I can’t thank them enough for helping me realise that I could be my own hero and save my own day. 

It does go both ways, there are instances in the films where gender roles are more traditional for example the lack of female Jedi. However, this was over ruled in my young mind by the fact that the women were leaders, with great ideas, queens and princesses with voices that made a difference. Being young and impressionable, I grew up believing I could do what I wanted and say what I thought just because it was worth saying. This might not have been the case if my role model wasn't kicking intergalactic butt. 

In a time where women in films needed saving, Star Wars broke the cycle. I remember thinking that I didn’t need a hero or a prince because I would save the day. Little girls deserve to grow up thinking that they are the main star, they are strong, and they aren’t at a disadvantage because of gender. Whatever it is that starts that thought process doesn't matter, for me it was Star Wars and I am so grateful.

May the Force be with you!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

101 in 1001 Update #1

I've been busy trying to get my shizz together in life and achieve something. You may have seen my original 101 in 1001 list and after a couple of months, I have actually managed to tick a few things off. It was my aim to keep doing updates through the 1001 days, but if I keep working at it this slowly I may have to get my act together! 

11. Be a bridesmaid for one of my favourite people 

I was a Bridesmaid and it was the most magical day. I can’t explain how lovely it is to see two people you love, and who love each other, get married. Having never been a bridesmaid before I didn’t know what to expect. Apparently the answer was lots of happy tears. I’ve never seen anyone look as beautiful as the bride did in her wedding dress and I was simply honoured to be allowed to be a part of it. Also I would now like to be a professional Bridesmaid so I can wear pretty dresses and go to weddings all the time. Hit me up if you need one.

54. Try a Pole Fitness Class

Not just one try after all, I’m on week eight! I can go upside down which is all I really wanted to accomplish. It turns out its pretty addictive and I’ve started going regularly once or twice a week on top of aerial hoop. This means my weekly bruises have doubled but my upper body strength is improving and it makes me really happy. It's very different to how people perceive it and it can be really challenging. I would recommend trying it to anyone because it is so much fun. 

55. Complete the Pretty Muddy course for Cancer Research

I did this with two of my friends and it turned out to be surprisingly easy. There were so many people that the wait for each obstacle was quite long. This meant we did hardly any running! I’ve signed up to take part in a Tough Mudder in September because I am apparently crazy so that should be more of a challenge. Please excuse my ugly mug in the photo, I'd been up working an event the night before and felt horrific. This is the ultimate no make up selfie. I wish I got more mud on my face...

70. Go to Innocent Unplugged

I unplugged in May and it was amazing! I will most definitely be going back again next year. I'm a huge fan of Innocent Smoothies on a regular day but they put  on this amazing festival and now I love them even more. I wrote about everything you need to know here. 

92. Graffiti Something

I actually managed to do this at the Unplugged festival. They had a giant spray paint wall for free style graffiti. I got involved and painted my hideous mark. I don’t think I am going to a street artist or anything but it is another one off the list and it was pretty fun.

47 & 50. Films and Book update

I wanted to do 50 books and 250 films. I’m starting to think that was a little bit optimistic and I seem to just be watching TV! I will do two line reviews for them each in case anyone is curious about a new book or movie. 

New books

The Versions of Us - It took me ages to get into this book and then I found it quite sad. Its a very real book and portrays relationships in an honest way but leaves you feeling quite empty a the end. 

Pretty Girls - Bloody terrifying and fairly horrifying too. Its creepy and intense and keeps you guessing. If you like horror mysteries then go forth, it was quite a shock to me. 

New Films

Suicide Squad - Despite rubbish reviews, I really liked it! Harley Quinn is my comic queen anyway and Margot Robbie played her well. The storyline was weak but I think they are building ahead to something bigger. Worth watching and making up your own mind.

The Purge: Election Year - It's basically the second film with extra people and weird face masks. Not a good movie. 

Hush - An easy Netflix find. Interesting thriller but lacked a clear story or characters. Fine for a lazy night in, wouldn't have paid to see it. 

So that's where I am so far. 5 goals down 996 to go! 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

How to have more fun as a blogger

There has been a lot of negativity up and about in our blogging world recently. Everyone seems to be feeling a bit uninspired. We're all a bit tired of the same old, tired of the bitchy parts and often just tired of blogging. As someone who deleted my whole blog and came back anyway, I feel like I have a bit of experience in this negative space. We all get a bit put down sometimes and life gets in the way. I think there are a few ways we can make it fun again. I LOVE blogging and leaving it behind for a bit has only made me more obsessed with it now. I enjoy not just blogging but writing and I don’t think I would ever give it up. Now that I'm back in the swing of it, I've come up with a few ways to keep it fun as chase away the negativity. 

Forget the numbers

Unless you are in the small percentage of blogger that are able to do this full time, (in which case Well Done!!), it’s probably not your main source of income. Yes be driven and have goals, but obsessing over Instagram followers and page views is going to suck the fun out of it. Yes you can work on promotion to help boost your numbers but aside from that, there isn’t much you can do about it any way so why stress? It really shouldn't be a numbers driven thing. Blogging is about words, leave the maths at home. 

Stop comparing yourself

So maybe you aren’t Zoella just yet and you didn’t get that invite to that super amazing blogger party that other people did. That’s totally fine! That’s doesn’t mean that you can’t blog or that what you’re doing isn’t the start of something amazing for you. Nobody starts blogging with 1 million followers and all the latest beauty launches arriving at their door. I think one of the major keys to being happier as a blogger is simply to stop comparing yourself. You are amazing, a creator and completely unique. Whoever you are, as a blogger you should be proud of what you’re creating. Whatever other people are doing doesn’t make you any more or any less.

Embrace the community and share the love

We are an amazingly supportive group of guys and gals. Spreading some love will come back at you tenfold and make you appreciate being a part of such a wonderful community. Join in on Twitter chats, blogger meet ups and just spread some lovely comments to join in. Being a part of Jemma’s Girl Gang is so rewarding and everyone is so supportive, I really feel it adds to why I love being a blogger. 

Blog your interests

Forget those posts that you think will grow traffic or the ones you think are just ‘blogger’ type posts. You will enjoy blogging so much more if you write about your passions. Even if it doesn’t fit in your niche, your love for your interests will come across naturally and so much more genuine. I think placing too many restrictions on writing will stunt your creativity and ultimately, your happiness.

Remember why you started

There must have been a main reason you sat down at your computer and made this happen. Focus on why you wanted to do this in the first place. Maybe you have lost sight of what you had hoped to achieve. If you still love it then focus on that!

People loved blogging long before it became a viable career option. Let’s all have bit more fun with it and enjoy being creators. 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Pinterest Inspired Homeware Wish List

In case you haven't heard me blab on about it enough already, I'm moving house! This means I spend hours of my life scrolling the internet for dreamy home ware pieces that fit my Pinterest board and are basically #HomeGoals. As it turns out, lots of blog readers are big time homeware addicts so I thought it might be helpful to share my favourite finds on here too. In case you can't tell, my heart is drawn to geometric shapes and gold and rose gold shades. I'm also feeling the slogan trend right now as I love typography pieces in the home and my style has always been a bit quirky. Also I am aware I included two cake stands but I bake a lot and these things are totally essential right?

Marble Cake Stand // Door Matt // Wall Clock // Awesome Mugs // Geometric Table //  Clock // Kitchen Storage Jars // Pattern Vase // Terrarium // Slogan Pillow // Dino Cake Stand // White Table // Letter Pillow // Letter Industrial Light // Metallic Cafetiere // Floor Lamp // Trinket Dish // Ladder Shelves // 'Hello' Ornament
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