Wednesday, 13 July 2016

18 blog posts to make you a better blogger

I’m not exactly new at this blogging thing. As I’ve mentioned before I deleted my blog three years ago and started again fresh this year. Quite a lot has changed since I first started blogging and it’s been really helpful to me to take advice from other bloggers. Not all advice is good advice but I’ve saved quite a few posts on my Bloglovin collection that I go back to for help. The Blogosphere is crammed full of bloggers putting their two cents in on what they think is the right way to blog. I don’t think that there is a correct way, but I’ve shared posts below that might help to improve your blog or help you reach your goals. Also, shout out to this book by Dana Fox, The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List. It shares a tip on each page for improving your blog and is actually so pretty. 

Blog post ideas

Mandy shares lots of post ideas and advice on her blog and her post on 50 Lifestyle Blog post ideas is one I go back to when I’m stuck for inspiration. She also wrote a brilliant post called 10 reasons no one is reading your blog

Paula shared 113 blog post ideas and I must recommend her blog as a treasure trove of blogger advice. There is no limit to her wisdom nor her post ideas!

Here's another 100 ideas from Nicole to help you beat writers block.

So that is 323 blog post ideas from four amazing bloggers just to start you off.

Growing your blog

Jasmine shared her personal story on how she grew her blog in just a few months. She offers advice whilst telling her own blogger story which makes for an interesting read. 

Tay shared 21 ways to grow your blog audience which is a great read if you are just starting to look into growth and how you can develop. 

Cocochic is one of my favourite blogs and the brilliant brain behind it, Steph, explains how to turn blogging into a career. Steph is another absolute mogul at blogging and she knows exactly how to turn it into a success. 

Social Media 

Do you use Pinterest? You should! Michelle explains how to use it to increase your page views. As a blogger, Pinterest is very much on our side. as the subject of a lot of twitter chats recently, this post breaks down how to make it work for growth rather than for fun. 

Sinead shared a great post on how to use social media to build your blogs following it even includes a great list of useful Twitter chats which I would recommend printing off for your notice board. 

Instagram is big for bloggers, here is a list of useful Hashtags and how to grow your following organically. Everyone knows Instagram is a money maker so if you are looking to cash in on being social, take note on how to get the following you need. 

I suck at Snapchat but its becoming big in our industry. Here are 9 pro tips you might not know.

Its been up for debate a lot lately but Helene shares why you still need a Facebook page for your blog. I personally don't have one, but its a great way to get your posts shared. 


Hannah shared her blogging process from idea to promotion. Its really interesting to see how someone else does it! Then because she's a total babe, she offers a free downloadable blogger organisation spreadsheet.

Similarly, Katherine shares everything that goes into creating a blog post for her. I'm so nosy, I find this absolutely fascinating and it helped me refine my own process a bit too! 

Melissa from Media Marmalade shares all of the tech & equipment a blogger needs and goes into specifically what she uses. This is another blog worth following if you are getting serious about blogging as a business. She is consistent and honest with her advice which is hard to come by.

My girl crush Hannah Gale recently wrote a post on making money from blogging its a very real down to earth kind of post that lays it all out for you.   

And if that's not enough advice, Paula shares 100 resources for bloggers!

Any blogs you would recommend for tips or advice? 



  1. So many great resources, can't wait to go through the ones I haven't read before! And thanks for sharing :)

    xx, Matea

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