Friday, 10 June 2016

Sourced Box Review

Snacking is the best. Unfortunately I like to snack on Munchies and cake and all the sugar. It’s just easy and it’s always right there. In a bid to get in shape and eat more good (and less bad) I thought I would test out Sourced box. I’ve actually had this subscription for a couple of months but in typical bad blogger style, I haven’t gotten round to writing a full review. As I get it delivered to my office, I tend to eat some of the snacks before I can even photograph them…

Sourced box is a start-up subscription box of healthy snacks. It was founded by two of the most famous, UK YouTube stars: Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart. If you are into blogging and YouTube you have probably already heard of it before. I think it’s a great idea and has been a real rival for Graze box. There are different benefits to each, but the main perk to Sourced box is that you get to try a range of healthy snacks that you can actually purchase in the future if you discover something you like.  

In terms of pricing, I don’t think this is a cheap subscription. I have created a little cost breakdown below and although it does work out cheaper than the monthly subscription cost of £18.95, it’s not a huge saving. I don’t think I will keep the subscription for much longer but it has given me the opportunity to try some new snacks and I’ve found a couple of things I will definitely be buying in the future. The other disadvantage is that there are always a few snacks I’m just not keen on and would never have purchased in the first place. As with any subscription service you are rolling the dice when it comes to likes and dislikes.

Squirrel Sisters Raspberry Ripple bar - £2.29
Whatamelon water - £2.50
Nom oat bar - £1.59
Munchy Seeds - £0.75
Primrose Kitchen Granola Orange & Cashew – Estimated £2
Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry & Vanilla - £2.44
Snact Fruit Jerky - £1
Mighty Bee Coconut Jerky – £2.80
Nothing but. Mange Tout & Red Pepper – £1.29
Activated Almonds Maple Syrup - £4.30

Total - £20.89

I think this month has been the best box I’ve had so far. I was particularly keen on the Squirrel Sisters bar and the Primrose Kitchen Granola. These were brands I was aware of but had never tried their products before. I've enjoyed getting to try lots of new products each month. Sourced box seem to work with a lot of brands that aren’t readily available to buy in singles in the supermarkets. I think they are a great support to new food companies and I’ve definitely gone away a few times and bought in bulk.

I think this is a great service if you want to start snacking healthy but don’t know where to start. I’ve been using it more as a discovery service. Hopefully in the future they will offer introduction boxes at a cheaper rate, but if you have the free cash, and want to explore healthy brands, I would recommend it. It’s particularly good for post workout snacks and afternoon office snacking. It’s not quite as fun as getting boxes of make up in the post but food is a very close second!

Have you tried Sourced Box? What other subscriptions boxes do you use?

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