Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What I use Pinterest for

Pinterest has been the subject of a few Twitter chats of late and it made me realise just how many things people use it for. Pinterest is basically one big digital mood board with infinite images of almost anything. The best part is that they are all ready to be collected. I’ve been using it for years but maybe not the same way as others. Lots of bloggers use it solely as a tool for building their audience and personally I think it’s much bigger than that. In case you’re curious, I decided to share all of the ways I use Pinterest below. If you like what you see, you can follow me here. And of course, all of the images in this post are from Pinterest and do not belong to me.

Some images just make me feel inspired. I have a few boards on Pinterest that are created purely to make my mind start ticking. I have a colour board dedicated to Pink (On Wednesdays We Wear Pink). I also have a Glitter board and a Shoot Inspo board. As a blogger I want to feel comfortable in front of the camera and studying poses and backdrop ideas helps me. I've always been a very visual person and I would say that all of my Pinterest board reflect this. I've always preferred to learn through images and I naturally find art and photography a great source of inspiration.
Designing my new home

In case you haven’t heard me blabbing about it already. I’m buying a house! We already have a lot of furniture from our first two apartments but it’s a mishmash of gifts and Gumtree bargains. This time I really want to curate the house into our home. I’ve been picking colour schemes and I really like the idea of a grey living room with blush pink and rose gold details. For the bedroom we’ve been talking about a feature wall with forest images as I grew up in the woods and always feel at home surrounded by trees. I love being able to find visual ways to express my ideas to my boyfriend. It will probably look nothing like any of my pins but I do love the opportunity to plan my dream home.

Planning for the future

Okay hands up if you have a secret wedding board. Yes that's me too. Just in case you know, I might have to throw something together on short notice. I'm counting on my boyfriend's disinterest in my blog to not read this part and freak out so let's gloss over it... The point is that I'm a planner and Pinterest can be used as a visual planning tool. I'm also using it to plan Christmas this year which will be the first time I'm hosting my family. I think there are a lot of Mum's in America with DIY's that have contributed to my Holiday plans, so shout out to them!

Hair and style tips and inspiration

It’s taken me years to grow my hair and I’m obsessed with braids. I like to wear lots of different styles and Pinterest allows me to find lots very quickly. In the mornings before work I can scroll through my ‘Happy Hairstyles’ board and pick a style for the day. There is no end to the hair tutorials on this platform and I must say I have successfully mastered dutch and french braids. Waterfall Braids, I'm coming for you next!

My style has developed over the years and I do like to switch it up, try new combinations, and mix new elements into my wardrobe. My core style is stripes, cute dresses, monochrome or pastel colours. I’m also a big advocate for OTK books, Peter Pan collars and Check or Gingham prints. I follow a few fashion brands on Pinterest which can highlight to me new trends and even show me products I might want to buy…

Baking Recipes

I actually think Pinterest might have been created for bakers. There are endless recipes and endless inspiration. You want to make a sparkle unicorn cake? They have it. You want to make a Monster Donut flavoured milkshake? They have it. Just search it and they have it. Its baking inspo gone wild. I love using it to find party and occasion cake ideas especially. I usually eat fairly healthy so when i bake I like to back something really worth the cheat day. 

Healthy Living Ideas

The complete opposite of my Baking board are my boards for healthy tips. I have one board called ‘Health’ which is a mix of recipes and workouts I want to save. I’m trying to eat less meat and more plant based meals. I can be a picky eater so I save some healthy meals on this board to go back to at dinnertime. The other one is a Yoga mood board to help me make routines out of different poses. This also pushes me to gain flexibility and strength. Some of the images are incredible and a true testament to how yoga can improve your body. 

I am an outdoorsy girl at heart and always will be. This is my most used board and feeds my passion for travel and adventure. I almost use this board as an ongoing checklist for all of the places I want to go and the adventures I want to go on. In addition to this, photography in this field is breath taking and I often use these images as my screensavers! The world is an incredible place and this is my mood board for wanting to be a part of it and see it all.

To keep images that reflect interests and happy thoughts

Coffee and cats are two of my favourite things. Why wouldn't I want to look at these? Cats are internet royalty anyway so there’s no shortage of them here. I like to make boards that reflect things I want to see every day and I like to save images that make me happy, thoughtful and hopeful for the future. That’s sounds a little deep for Pinterest talk but that’s essentially what mood boards are created for. I also keep boards that reflect my interests, I have one for blogging tips and one for aerialist arts. Both of them are for inspiration and to learn tips and tricks. 
So, that's what I use Pinterest for. How about you? What kind of boards do you make and why? Leave your links below I'm always looking for new people to follow on there!


  1. What a fabulous post! I use Pinterest for basically the same exact reasons. I also use it for beauty inspo and makeup ideas! Oh and traveling guides! :-)

    Jenny Loves Beauty

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