Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Beautiful Mess: Happy Mail Review

If you are an avid reader of blogs or a blogger, you will have heard of A Beautiful Mess. Emma and Elsie are a sister duo who turned their blogging hobby into a million dollar business. They are living the dream of bloggers everywhere and making money from the things that they love. The business has grown a lot since I first discovered the blog (back when Elsie wrote it solo) now you can buy e-courses, subscription boxes, photo Apps and they are now also launching their own clothing line.

I can’t comment on their other products but I decided to try out one of their boxes. They actually have two: Messy box and Happy Mail. Messy box is a scrapbooking box filled with stickers, prints, note cards and generally things for crafty people. I went instead for Happy Mail, a box for people who love snail mail. I personally really love getting post that isn’t bills and I like to share the love with my friends. I think sending cards is a really lovely way to acknowledge people you care about, especially when we live in such a digital age. I get more WhatsApp’s than Birthday or Christmas cards and I just think taking a little more time to handwrite a note in a card is much nicer.

A Happy Mail yearly subscription is around $18 a month including shipping which is around £13. Compared to other subscription box services, this is actually really cheap. The cost goes up depending on how long you want the service for and as usual the more months you buy the cheaper it is. I thought that I would be disappointed with the amount in the box for the cost but if you add up how much each of these products would have cost at Paperchase or somewhere like that, I think it’s very reasonable. I actually only paid the shipping costs for this box, if you sign up to their mailing list they do a lot of deals and I ended up only paying a few pounds for this box.

I like that included in the box was a big print, some stickers and some tape alongside all of the cards and postcards as it was something a little extra to be excited about. The lilac sparkle tape is such good quality and I’ve been using it in my travel scrapbook a lot this month. I also really enjoy that the box comes colour themed, it definitely makes taking blog photos a lot easier! The pinks and purples are the colours I am using to decorate my office so it’s perfect for me. However, if you weren’t a fan of these two colours, most of the box would be a bit of a disappointment so maybe wait for the sneak peeks to come out before ordering a box if you’re not sure. They post videos on their website going through what is in each of their subscription boxes. 

The cards themselves are really great quality, most of them made of a thick cardstock. I’m planning on framing a couple of these as prints in my office space as I just love them. I’m sure my friends can expect to see a few of these coming through their post boxes soon too. My favourite thing in this box is the Ice Cream card that sweetly says inside: ‘Things I’m craving: You, You, You, Ice Cream, You’.

Overall I am very impressed with Happy Mail as I really wasn’t expecting much. It’s always good to be able to support bloggers in business and Elise and Emma are a real inspiration as to how far blogging can take people. The only problem now is that I really want to try Messy Box as well. I get a bit carried away with subscription boxes, and post, and stationary, why am I always broke?

Have you ever tried a stationary subscription box? 


  1. You know what, I really am impressed! There are some bloggers that have gone with their own products and the quality has been a little sad, and it's just awfully surprising, I guess. I'm SO happy that they are sending out quality products. I may have to order one myself...

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