Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Dabbling Duck

Date ideas are an endless challenge. We’ve lived in the same town for most of our lives apart from three years away in Bournemouth which means we can walk the back streets blindfolded. There are lots of benefits to living in the same town for a long time, but it also means we have pretty much exhausted every option for date night we can think of. We’ve recently started travelling a little further out to find new and interesting things to do with our days off. Surrey is a beautiful county and we have been guilty in the past of living in our little home town bubble. On a lazy Sunday afternoon last weekend we drove to the little village of Shere to a very cute café called The Dabbling Duck.

Sundays actually aren’t so lazy for me. At this point I had already been off at aerial hoop class and returned with copious amounts of bruises. Dom was just waking up as I came back and suggested we go off on an adventure to somewhere a little further into the country. I cant recommend TripAdvisor enough for date day ideas. Trying to look at your local area as if you are are tourist is a great way to discover places you may have over looked before or make you see old hangouts in a new light. 

After a little Sunday drive we parked up and emerged in the countryside. There was so much green and the sun had even come out. We walked for all of thirty seconds and arrived at a pretty, old fashioned building with 'The Dabbling Duck' hanging up outside. It was very busy, unusually so for what you might expect a village café to be but they still had room for two. The interior is decorated with kitsch plaques and signs that kept us busy laughing and pointing the best ones out to each other. They do have a full menu with locally sourced ingredients but Dom and I chose to do the grown up thing and go for coffee and cake instead because everyone knows sugar doesn’t count on dates.

There were lots of lovely flavours but in the end we both went for the Salted Sticky Toffee cake. It was so fresh and delicious with lovely little fudge pieces and saucy swirls on top. At £3.50 a slic it was a little bit pricey, but I'm all for supporting local businesses and it was well worth the money spent. We probably should have shared a slice as neither one of us could finish, the size of the cake was huge! Dom did suggest this but I decided I wanted my own because Miss Piggy is my spirit animal. The lovely ladies that were working were so sweet and wrapped up our unfinished cake slices to have the next day. I can't fault the staff at all, kindly chatting and smiling, they made the atmosphere really light spirited.

We had the best time just talking and eating cake. We don't get a whole lot of time to just be together so simple dates are often the best. What are your favourite date ideas?


  1. i have to check it out when i am in there! those cakes are so tempting!

    jess x |

  2. This place sounds awesome, and those cakes look so so good! I can be guilty of living in a small town bubble from time to time too, it can be difficult breaking habits but I like the idea of using Trip Advisor to find day date ideas!

    1. Its really switched things up for us. Tourists seem to find things in our town we cant see!

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