Friday, 1 April 2016

Current Make Up Bag Staples

First let’s take a second to enjoy the beauty that is my new make up bag. Thank you to the brilliant friend who decided to gift this to me, I am so grateful to rid myself of my old slightly grubby sack I used to use. I am a beauty lover. I didn’t get into make up until I was around twenty, before then my only real experience was too much black eyeliner at 15 and too much blue lipstick at 5. I think this is why I like to switch up my routine so much. I missed the awkward mis-matched foundation stage and now I want to try all of the make up all of the time. My bank balance however, does not agree with this make up testing strategy. I do tend to find favourites and make them stick, so I thought I’d share with you a few of the products that have claimed their place in my make up bag… at least for now.

Real Techniques brushes
I’ve had a couple of these before but I’ve recently fallen back in love. The blush brush is my personal fave and not just because it’s pink and looks perfect on my dresser. The shape of the head makes it perfect for applying to my cheeks. The whole collection is beautiful, easy to clean and fit for purpose. These are great long lasting brushes that have yet to disappoint.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder
I know I am late to the game here. I have been a long-time lover of their bath sets but I am new to the cosmetic side of their range. I have super pale girl skin, so bronzer for me = less is more than most. This is a highly pigmented bronzer that shapes my face perfectly. I’m so happy I found this product. I rate it much better than the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer which I used for years before trying anything else.

Kiko Eyeshade Quad 101
Kiko is running the world right now. They are hitting out collection after collection of great, well packaged cosmetics. This is part of the regular staple eye shadows and comes in a pretty matte black compact. The four colours come out lighter than you might expect, the lightest being useful only as a base colour or a highlight. However, the other three colours combine to make a pretty purple / crimson eye that I love wearing this time of year. They have great staying power and I have had so many compliments on this particular look.

Benefit That Gal
I got this in my benefit ‘12 days of parties’ advent calendar. It makes my skin look so pretty and dewy and I’m completely obsessed. This is the perfect product for transitioning to spring now that we are starting to get a few peeks of sun.

Bare Minerals Blush
Like the Benefit That Gal, this is one of those products I love to use to transition from Winter to Spring make up. This blush is highly pigmented and comes out in a bright, fresh pink that brings a lot of colour to the face. Pasty girls beware, you do not need a lot of this to get that flushed look (and I mean HOT flush if you have a heavy hand!). It look me a lot of blending the first time to get rid of all the excess product and bring my cheeks back to a normal blush colour. I’ve mastered this now and would recommend to any bright blush enthusiast or light handed pale face. 

Topshop Lipstick in Drive
Topshop lipsticks are like a collector’s item for me. They can do no wrong. Drive is the kind of shade you wear on the weekend because you wouldn’t get away with wearing it to work. That’s why I love it. I don’t have anything else like this in my collection. It’s a pink/purple hybrid with a shimmer that draws all of the attention to your lips. I know that now it’s spring I should be reaching for my peachy pinks but I’m just not ready to give up on this vibrant favourite of mine.

That’s everything I’m currently keeping long term in my make up bag, but with all the new releases this year I doubt any product is safe!

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