Friday, 1 April 2016

48 Hours in Seattle

Seattle is my city of dreams. Starbucks is a big deal in my family and when offered the chance to spend two days anywhere in the world I chose to visit this beautiful, rapidly growing, and endlessly interesting place. I could have easily spent weeks exploring but if, like me, you only have a little time, here are what I consider to be the must see places.

Pike Place fish market

Probably the most obvious place but a must see in my opinion. We did this first thing in the morning on the first day. You’ll spot the sign immediately. There are lots of charming little shops and of course plenty of fish throwing to see here. On dry days it’s nice just to plod around down here and maybe even head further down the waterfront to places like the big wheel.

The First Starbucks

Hands down the best coffee I have ever had. I’m not sure if that is just psychological but I really enjoyed it. I has my usually Skinny Caramel Macchiato and chatted away to the very friendly staff. The store itself is tiny with no seating so don’t expect to spend all day in here. You will most likely have to queue but it’s full of history and store only memorabilia. My mug from here is still my favourite. I actually found out while we were there that this isn’t actually the original store rather a replica that was built across the street from the original that sadly doesn’t exist anymore. I still loved it, and any Starbucks lovers will enjoy the hype.

The Roastery

The Roastery is the Starbucks tell all where you get to see how the coffee is really made. It’s beautifully decorated and filled with machines that show you the work behind every cup. They also have super-secret limited edition Starbucks cards from here that they only give you on request. The coffee is of course brilliant but it’s not your typical Starbucks menu and they are happy to explain they roast / bean types to you. Coffee lovers go forth!

Space Needle

Another tourist attraction but years of watching Grey’s Anatomy moved this way up my list of things to do. It’s probably the most recognised symbol of Seattle after Pike Place Fish Market and it didn’t disappoint. This is not a cheap attraction but the view from the top is incredible. Seattle is very versatile in its skyline, featuring skyscrapers, suburban neighbourhoods and a wealth of trees. Seeing all this from up high was the best. We went in March but I can imagine that the queues get much bigger in peak tourist months.

Helicopter ride

Another not cheap thing! Honestly this was a lifetime highlight not just a high part of this trip. If you have the time and funds to do this, get out there and get it done. We got to see everything we didn’t make it to in our two days but from up high. Our helicopter pilot was very knowledgeable and gave us a great city tour, he even pointed out Bill Gates’ house! Going past the space needle was the best part for me, we were so close it felt like a dream.

Walk the city

This is a beautiful creative place. Walk as much as you can. The streets are full of art and interesting buildings and places. Sure you could take the metro, but taking it all in is how you discover little hidden gems. We were very lucky with the weather and saw beautiful sunshine for the entire time we were there. I’m aware that this isn’t the case for most of the year but if you don’t mind getting wet it will be worth a stroll through Seattle city.

Rooftop bar

Wanting to rest your legs? Find one of the several rooftop bars that will serve you cocktails whilst you look out over the water. Many of these will show off sights like the Waterfront Big Wheel which lights up at night and changes colour every few seconds.


Being that I wasn’t the organiser of this trip I had no idea it was Comicon the same weekend we were in Seattle. I wish we could have got the opportunity to go but to be honest strolling through the city surrounded by Storm Troopers, Wonder Woman and a Dalek was also very cool!

I could write for hours about my time here and why I loved it so much but as you only have 48 hours to spend there, I have kept this post short and sweet just like your trip. Always happy to chat Seattle so feel free to tweet me @NatalieGrundie if you want to know more about my favourite place!


  1. I'm visiting Seattle in less than two weeks and this post has got me really excited for it!
    Any recommendations for good restaurants?!

    1. The two we went to were more mediocre... If you like Seafood there is lots to choose from as the seafront restaurants are usually all sourced locally. I hope you have a great time. It is my favourite place.


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