Sunday, 10 April 2016

10 signs you’re addicted to black and white monochrome outfits

1. Your Asos wish list includes no colour. Black and white only

2. You refer to different shades of black and white as ‘Charcoal’ or ‘Ivory’ to convince yourself and others that you wear more than just monochrome

3. Your Instagram theme is exclusively black and/or white and so is the theme of all of the people you follow

4. A splash of colour would mean cream or grey at the most

5. You alternate between 10 outfits that are basically identical with varying pieces of white and black and monochromatic patterns

6. You’ll happily shop in the work wear section simply for the great selection of white shirts and black trousers

7. Even your handbags and accessories are monochrome

8. You have a couple of pink or blue items shoved down the back of your wardrobe that you thought you might wear but never ever did

9. Your childhood style icon was Cruella Devil minus the animal cruelty and bad attitude

10. Your Christmas jumper is black with a Snowman. No red or green please

11. Your favourite filters are Moon, Willow or Inkwell

12. It’s not just a faze like the emo thing you tried out for a week in school

It’s okay though, you look cute in monochrome!


  1. Hahaha, I love this! I used to be such a colourful person, but as I've gotten older I just can't be bothered to match everything and it's just so much easier wearing black and white and grey... lazy but hey!!

    Imogen //

    1. Same! and it makes doing the washing so easy :)

  2. This is so me! My idea of colour is adding grey! Every outfit I seem to wear is 95% black and white! I do love a splash of red, electric blue, khaki or pale pink but that is VERY occasionally.


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