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Sunday, 5 March 2017

25 things to forgive yourself for

I'm very talented at making a fool of myself. I beat myself up for it far too much so I wanted to write something a little bit fun for all of the people in my court out there who feel bad about poor life choices and drinking too much. Life is far too short, forgive yourself!
  1. Cheat meals – Two for Tuesday will forever be my nemesis but it’s cool, I totally deserve it…
  2. Being uber jealous of that girl at the gym with the Victoria secret sports bra and a gravity defying boobs/ass combo
  3. Buying all of the shoes
  4. Drinking ten shots of tequila and making a twat of yourself at the local bar
  5. Completing the above with photographic evidence appearing all over Facebook the next day
  6. Smashing your iPhone – We’ve all done it
  7. Meeting your idol and taking a horrific selfie of the two of your where you have a million chins and grease face – at least you got to meet them!
  8. Sleeping til noon
  9. Not having a bloody clue what you’re going to do with the rest of your life
  10. Showing up at work with your skirt on backwards – mornings are hard but you got out of bed today, YAY for you
  11. Being one of those people that gives a ton of great advice but never uses any of it in your own life
  12. Dropping your phone on your face whilst trying to look at it lying down
  13. Having a rush of confidence at the gym in your own ability to be a gymnast and walking out of there with an ice pack
  14. Gossiping just a little bit about someone that is on the wrong side of karma
  15. Throwing shapes like BeyoncĂ© and realising you’re more of a Dad dancer
  16. Having a life savings total of £200 that you’re actually saving for holiday money
  17. Not living your life the way somebody else thinks you should
  18. Instagram stalking your ex – boyfriend or best friend, Insta was made for Ex stalking
  19. Turning your big Friday night into bedtime at nine – it’s been a long week
  20. Forgetting to text back
  21. Listening to the same song over and over until you hate it – it was your jam, now you need some space
  22. Keeping up with the Kardashians maybe just a little
  23. Buying the latest trend only to keep it in your wardrobe with the tags still on
  24. Wearing yoga pants and doing absolutely nothing that resembles yoga
  25. Having a five year plan is mostly question marks and crossed out ideas


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Testing new beauty products

It’s that wonderful time of year where I start to think about transitioning away from my winter make up. I put down the berry lipstick and purple shades in favour of brighter and softer colours. This is the idea anyway, I still creep back into my witchy make up ways every now and then, even at the height of summer I will rock a bikini and a berry lip. I’ve been out trying a few new beauty bits and I thought it might make something worth reading. I never buy anything without reading a review first and you can at least trust me to be brutally honest.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Simplifying and decluttering life

I've been trapped in a bit of a funk recently. I'm busy all of the time. There's so much that I want to do but I'm getting caught up on the details. My mind is a bit muddy and I'm not as productive as I normally am. It's a bit rubbish really. I'm finding little ways to clear my head space and make things easier for myself. Our house is staring to feel like home but there are still things that drive me crazy and get on my nerves. I'm trying to be a grown up and have it all and do everything and be okay about it. If I start small I might be able to make things easier for myself instead of over complicating everything and making myself mad.

Getting rid of sh*t I don’t need

This has been such a huge overhaul for me. I'm literally giving things away and throwing out bags of rubbish that I've been holding onto for years. I'm not really one for the minimalist lifestyle either. I'd happily have ten Alex draws filled with make up just for me, but in reality they are just filled with old paperwork and rubbish. 

I work in events, the black tie variety, meaning I buy a different ball dress for every event. I’m never going to wear these dresses again so why are they taking up precious wardrobe space I don’t have? They are pretty and all, but I can’t exactly stroll around Tesco in a floor length, backless, red number. They’ve all gone onto eBay to find new homes and I can buy some everyday dresses to do my food shopping in.

Old magazines are catnip for hoarders. I don’t know why I do this to myself but they are all over our house. Hello recycling bin, these are for you! Its things like this where you can take out twenty minutes of your day and instantly feel better about your space. My office is my sanctuary but it’s also the most cluttered room in the house. I’m now on a mission to make it better!

Putting things away

I can’t just get rid of everything so sometimes I have to be a grown up and tidy by bloody house. We’ve only been in the house for a couple of months which means we still have little piles of things that haven’t found their forever place yet. Taking time out to just organise and put things, I do actually need, away is so good for my mind. I feel a lot calmer when I’m not boxed in by just stuff. I don’t know what it is about clutter but it makes me crazy. Messy space = messy mind.

Scheduling my time

My schedule is a complicated mess. Sometimes I work evenings and weekends, I take a lot of classes for pole and aerial hoop plus general fitness and gym time, then I juggle time with family, friends and Dom, I look after my little blog, I have life admin to do and it all gets a bit much. Soemtimes I'm just drowning in the pressure of it all. I love it though. I want to be busy and happy. I have been trialing a system where I delegate days to parts of my life and its simplified things a lot. Mondays are for blog days, I see my family Wednesdays and Sunday afternoons, Tuesday is date night and so on. Having a set schedule stops me from getting stressed and letting people down. 

Digital Detox

Digital clutter is the worst, you can't see it and yet somehow its taking up space. Deleting all of the emails I don't need is therapeutic in an unexpected way. Unsubscribing from pointless email lists has decreased that amount of emails I'm getting daily. I don't need to be spending ten minutes a day deleting emails I'm getting so why get them in the first place? Spending spare time on clearing things like this away is making my life less complicated. 

The other digital detox is to clear up social channels. Unfollowing people is messy business but if I'm not interested in what they have to say, why follow them on social media? My Twitter feed is full of funny interesting people, my Instagram is loved ones, bloggers, circus performers and travel photos and I'm slowly narrowing Facebook down to just real friends. I don't need to be looking at irrelevant information about people who have nothing to say. It sounds harsh but why do that to yourself. 

I feel better already and I can't wait to have an even bigger sort out to get my head on straight. Goodbye to things I don't need, hello to head space and simpler living.
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